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?  Hi. ( I guess this is the part where I greet the world.)
I'm Sølvi. Norwegian.
I do some things and then some things.
But now I mostly just run around at a lab trying not to get infected by scary bacterias and viruses.
I have no idea what this blog will be about,
but I'll try to make it like a drug and get you
addicted and come back for more.
Most likely it will be a poorly made drug
 which means I and my luck will end up
in a trunk.. (hurray for twisted analogies)..

? If you comment on this entry, I will probable maybe add
you so you can access most of my entries.
? If I've added you it's because: either
you know me, mutual interests or i find your
blog smashingly good ..
27 September 2007 @ 03:43 pm
So this is what we'll do:
take the ten most resent listened songs on whatever play-list you have, and then put  the words "In my pants" at the end. One could also use knickers or trousers if that's preferably..

Current Psychological Status: productiveproductive
23 September 2007 @ 08:45 pm
Oh, what a lovely morning I had present day. That is if waking up to some guy yelling out through a microphone over at the football pitch at nine am. sunday morning is ones ideal wake-up scenario. It felt like the man was in my bedroom yelling to my left brain, while the right part was playing a badly constructed death-metal song. When I accomplished to get my eyes up and running I saw that the guy was surrounded by half of the people living her, I guess. But, what about the other half, the ones that likes to stay up all saturday night and sleep long,huh? No, screw them, let's merely blast out our voices at dawn like little titmouse birds. Sigh, he wouldn't stop there either, cause the megaphone continued until right about now. Or maybe it's only my mind who's being quaint and feel the need to play it all on repeat. Well, we should leave my little rant here. So you kids don't hear about the part where I examine the local newspaper tomorrow to provide the shouters name, and go blast my fucking sound-box on him! But no, we have to be good role models for the children.
Current Psychological Status: draineddrained
Current Music: Led Zeppelin - The Ocean
02 September 2007 @ 06:37 pm
A colleague of my father told him about  his friend's experience across the pond:
The guy was over in the US. studying to become a pilot. While he was there he started noticing something odd about one of his fellow students. The student was rather slow to catch up on things and had great  problems when it came to passing tests. So the guy asked the other men he was living with what the deal was..
The answer he got :" Oh, the only reason that bread-head attends this school is his father. A senator." Later on he got the name of the student, George W. Bush.^^
12 August 2007 @ 10:30 pm
Last Wednesday  40 000 people traveled  to Oslo for the Rolling Stones concert at Valle Hovin. And I was one of them!  To say it mildly it turned out to be the greatest fucking event i have ever attended.
It started out a bit dull since we had to wait two hours or so for the concert to begin. But everyone had  a good time, much caused all the plastic-cups of beer.
The secret  foreplay-band(?) revealed themselves as the Dandy Warehols. They did ok.
Around nine I think we knew something was up, and suddenly much fireworks went off , the guys entered the stage. Mick Jagger was running around singing and acting like a kid  with ADHD on speed. Charming!
 I stood in  front which made the experience even better.  At the end a bloody hugh blow-up tongue(logo) filled the stage. And the stage itself started floating forwards into the crowd. I song at the top of my lungs to (I can't get..) satisfaction. In the end there was flames, more fireworks, "bombs" and whatever else! Afterwards one could spot  +/- 40 000 people coming down into the city itself. We had to run through a building place and over some wires. I guess the city surveillance guys got some fun clips that night;-)